Lakes Line Timetable

Northern's timetable changed on 9th December.  In fact very little has changed, both because Northern is still recovering from its meltdown in the summer, and also many of the problems which meant they couldn't run the proposed May timetable are still around.  The timetable is part of booklet 6, which you can find at:


and scroll down to route 06, current timetable.

If your journey is affected by a cancellation of a train or replacement bus, please let us know (info@llrug.co.uk).  If possible, please also send a copy to Community Rail Cumbria :


who will make sure it reaches the Lakes Line CRP.  If you also copy in Northern's Contact Centre (enquiries@northernrailway.co.uk) then it makes sure they know about the disruption being caused.

As announced on our Welcome page, the Saturday strikes have been suspended.  However, the strike timetable for this Saturday, 9th February, will still go ahead as there is not time to unscramble the arrangements.

 The Winter Bulletin is now available.  To make sure of your copy, join the Group using the membership form on this website.

 Oxenholme Station car parks.

 Virgin Trains will be installing Automatic Number Plate Recognition equipment at their car parks at Oxenholme from 10th October.  

The work had not been finished yet by 6th February, and the old ticket system will apply till it is.

Collecting tickets bought on line

If you buy tickets using your computer, you can collect them at Kendal or Burneside, and no doubt eventually at Staveley when the ticket machine there is finally installed.  Don't be put off when you can't find Burneside or Kendal in the list of stations, it's just that they haven't been added yet; apparently the train companies only use the station name you choose for some statistic or other.  If you leave the box blank it doesn't matter.

 Updated 7th February2019